Family Activities

“Ohana means family-no one gets left behind. Or forgotten.” from the movie  Lilo and Stitch. Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois

Families are, for most of us, the center of our lives.

Family activities bring members together to play, create, cheer, support, compete, teach, and have fun together. Family gatherings and activities create memories. These moments are where our relationships are enriched and traditions are carried on and created.

Family activities are not only family reunions and barbeques, they are watching a child’s baseball game, gathering to carve a pumpkin, going fishing, or going to a small town museum. Family activities are also watching a movie together, going for walks, and going to get ice cream. It’s coming together, for whatever your family loves best.

Family activities that include older members:

Childrens feet with flowers

Childhood Story Starters for Reminiscing

Use the following prompts with an elder or during a family gathering to tell a childhood story. Use these as ...
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small dog on seniors lap

Things to Know About Activities for Senior Men

Don't forget the men when it comes to activity planning. My dad has been retired for 32 years. That's a ...
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childhood toys and games

Remembering My Childhood

We collect memories our whole life. All of us do. Whether we are a child of five or we’ve lived ...
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Christmas tree in the mountains

Remembering Christmas

Reminisce About Christmas Christmas will soon be here! The Christmas season is the perfect time to spend with an elder ...
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pumpkin with face

Halloween Mad Libs

Mad libs are fun little stories where you fill in the blanks. The fun part is filling in the blanks ...
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grandma and grandchild coloring

8 Great Things to Know About Coloring with Seniors

When you think about coloring, your mind probably automatically goes to a child lying on the floor coloring with friends ...
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journal, glasses, and photos

Reminisce with a Grandparent

Reminiscing with a Grandparent ... is a great big learning moment. Listening to memories makes us see the differences, but ...
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film clips of movie stars

Movie Star Reminiscing

Reminiscing with Pinterest Caregivers Activity Source is trying something new for reminiscing! For those of you who have a Pinterest ...
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old radios

6 Things to Discover From Old Time Radio

Back before cell phones and x-box, before tablets and computers, before cassettes and 8 tracks, and before television was introduced, ...
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lady with pigtails and glasses filter

Fun Things to do With an Older Family Member

Here are some fun things to do with an elder or just for times when you need to lighten the ...
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dirt path

10 Activities to Start in 2018 With an Elder

It's the start of a new year, and with that goals and plans come to mind. Having caregiving goals and ...
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snow globes

Make a Snow Globe that Tells a Story

Snow globes are a miniature winter wonderland. They can be great fun to make with the grandkids and the best ...
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Thanksgiving Story Prompts for Family Gatherings

Here's a game the whole family can play when getting together for Thanksgiving. From elders to children, gather around and summon ...
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gift boxes with plants

Simple Homemade Crafts for Gifts or Bazaars

  Some seniors, like my mom, love making things for others. She loves to give her homemade items as gifts ...
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Beans bags in a bucket

Staying Active Together for Caregivers and Seniors

Staying active is important, but how do you stay active when you're a caregiver? Staying active together with a loved ...
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Simple Activities We Forget About Doing

Sometimes, as caregivers, we focus so much on the bigger things like activities of daily living with our loved one that we ...
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glass of lemonade

Simple Activities to Beat the Heat

Trying to think of ways to help an older family member beat the heat? Here are a few ideas for keeping cool ...
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Activities for the Visually Impaired Older Family Member

When an older family member becomes visually impaired, it can be challenging to continue certain activities he or she may ...
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Spring Posy

Nothing brightens up a day like flowers... so why not brighten up a loved ones day with a small posy ...
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heart shaped basket with reminiscing questions

Reminiscing at a Party

Reminiscing at a party? Why not? Having a get-together that includes an older family member? Maybe a birthday party, an ...
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antique irons

5 Minute Reminiscing with a Senior

Reminiscing is an anytime, anywhere, with anyone activity. It doesn't take long to bring forth a memory—an aroma, a touch, ...
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blue star

History Lessons

We're never too old for a history lesson. Bring together seven mostly middle-aged men, my dad, and some party food, and what ...
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two pumpkins in a chair

Remember When? Autumn

What do you remember about Autumn? Remember when... Autumn was a time to celebrate the harvesting of crops and produce ...
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gift certificate

Homemade Gift Certificate Ideas to Give to a Grandparent

Homemade Gift Certificates are little reminders of how much someone cares. There are no better gifts than this to be ...
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woman at an antique store

12 New Things to Explore With an Older Family Member

Unexplored paths Lead to undiscovered treasures. Constance Chuks Friday Chances to explore are everywhere and if you spend a lot ...
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Bench surrounded by flowers

Remember When? Summer Time

What do you remember about Summertime? Remember when... you went to the drive-in movie theater to see a movie? Is ...
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Pile of young and old hands

Fun Photo Inspirations for Grandparents and Grandkids

Consider these activities with the kids an inspiration for fun photos! If you are caring for an older family member or ...
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Backyard games collage

Backyard Games to Play with an Older Family Member

Plan to Play Backyard Games! Here are 10 backyard games to play with an older family member: Cornhole - Is ...
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Jewelry box

5 Ways to Reminisce with Mom

  What sparks a memory? It is different for all of us. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, the feel of something ...
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child's postcard on display

The Cheerful Postcard

Put a child's artwork on display It will bring cheer to you all day! Some children love to draw. My children ...
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Easter gifts for a care package

Creating an Easter Care Package

Making an Easter Care Package for an older family member is a fun family activity. If you have a loved ...
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memory box

World Storytelling Day

World Storytelling Day is celebrated March 20th in the northern hemisphere, but... everyday is a good day for reminiscing and ...
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Getting Started with Genealogy

Getting Started with Genealogy

The Gift of Genealogy For Christmas this past year my husband gave me the gift of genealogy research: a six ...
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10 Ways to Help an Older Parent Stay Connected

Social isolation is a concern for older persons. There are many reasons for this including decreased visits from family and ...
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snowflakes on an icy river

Winter Story Starting Lines

  Start a winter story or finish a phrase with an older family member. This is a great family activity, reminiscing ...
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Christmas tree ornament

Christmas Reminiscing

Christmas is a time for reminiscing. During family get-togethers this year make time for reminiscing with an older family  member ...
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army discharge paper

Honoring Veterans

November 11th is Veteran's Day. Here are some ideas to honor the veteran in your life. Reminisce with a veteran ...
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Autumn Trips to Take With An Older Loved One

Autumn is a great time of year... to take some day trips with an older loved one. Here are some day ...
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Activities with I Spy Books

I Spy books photographed by Walter Wick with riddles by Jean Marzollo (published by Cartwheel Books® a division of Scholastic ...
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trick or treating ghost

Halloween Reminiscing

Reminiscing about Halloween Halloween is a favorite holiday for many. Children and adults alike have dressed up in costumes, gone ...
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Drawing of a house

Using Drawings to Reminisce

Neighborhoods, homes, and bedrooms can be special places in our memories. Places we frequented such as neighbor's homes or stores ...
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Celebrate Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day! Sunday September 10, 2017 is Grandparents Day. How will you celebrate the Grandparents or grand friends in your ...
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Just a Visit, But So Much More

The other day I traveled to my parents house which is about a 50 minute drive on a good traffic ...
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Feeding Chickens

Reminiscing About Farming and Country Ways of Life

If your loved one has ever been touched by or interested in farming, gardening, or country ways of life, here ...
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Two dogs

Pets are Therapeutic For Elders

It's amazing to me just how therapeutic pets really are. If you have a pet, you know they are not just an ...
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I love you dad

Reminiscing with Dad

On Father's Day or any day it's always a great time to reminisce with Dad. Here are some topics and ...
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Books in a Basket

Read With a Grandparent

Stories live in books and in poetry, news and magazines. Stories live in our heads and hearts. Everyone has a story ...
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3 postcards

A Postcard Tradition

Remember postcards? When I was young we sometimes used to receive them from vacationing family members. And sometimes, if I ...
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Pink Daisy

Reminiscing with Mom

Could there be something you don't yet know about your mother or grandmother? Here are some questions to choose from for ...
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Spring Reminiscing

Reminisce about spring using the following questions as story starters with your older family member or friend. What was spring ...
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spy glasses with bugs

Family I Spy With Grandma & Grandpa

The next time the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa's house... consider this fun game. It requires no materials or supplies, ...
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embroidery supplies

Indoor Activities to do with an Older Family Member

Here is a list of indoor activities to do with an older family member or friend, especially useful during the ...
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Remembering Winter

Here are some questions to help an older family member or friend remember winters past. What were winters like when you ...
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Reminiscing about Thanksgiving

Remembering Thanksgiving Holidays of the past. Thanksgiving is a time to remember many traditions of the past. This is a great ...
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Note with paperclip

Favorite Songs Playlist

Most of us have favorite songs we love to listen to. An older family member or friend may enjoy certain ...
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paint brush

What is a Diorama?

I was first introduced to dioramas when my dad spoke to a veterans group about his service in World War ...
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Turkey plate

Planning a Thanksgiving Meal With an Older Family Member

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and plan your Thanksgiving meal with your older family member or friend ...
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Plate of cookies

5 Ways of Giving Thanks

We all have a need to give thanks. Here are 5 ways to help an older family member or friend to give ...
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jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle Pastime

Jigsaw puzzles have been enjoyed by people for many years. Putting a jigsaw puzzle together is a wonderful family pastime ...
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Keeping Loved Ones in Touch

I have an Aunt who is 99 years old and is a resident of a nursing home. Her wonderful family ...
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Binder of old calendar pages

Making Scenic Scrapbooks From Old Calendars

Scrapbooks are fun to look at and can be made not only from family photographs, but also old scenic calendars ...
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Game Apps for Long Distance Play

Todays technology makes it possible to play games with someone across the miles. For older family members or friends who ...
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Antique kitchen gadgets

Stirring Up Memories in the Kitchen

Many memories are made in the kitchen. This is the place where family and friends gather not only to eat, but ...
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memory box

How to Make a Memory Box

Surround yourself with objects you love: pictures, photographs, knickknacks that you've kept for years, home-made gifts given to you by children ...
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open book

Re-Read The Classics

If they were readers, many of our elders might remember the classics. Reading one of the great books together, whether ...
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grandparents and children's hands

Celebrate Grandparents!

Gather the children and celebrate Grandparents in September on Grandparents Day or any time of the year! Celebrate by eating ...
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Picture collage: garden stone, origami bird, pot holders

Kids Gifts for Grandparents

Children love making things. Here are some crafty and homemade gifts kids can give to Grandparents. Make homemade picture frames ...
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pumpkin patch

Autumn Reminiscing

Fall is a season of beautiful color... and a wonderful time to take walks or just sit and relax at ...
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bowling balls

Bowling for Seniors

Bowling has been around for many years. It's likely that our older family members or friends may have bowled sometime ...
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yellow columbine flowers

Summer Reminiscing

Pour some lemonade, sit on the porch and reminisce with your older friend or family member about summers past. Activities ...
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One-handled rolling pin

Tips for Tagging Family Heirlooms

When my husband's mother died, we received many of her belongings. Things like a picture painted by a dear friend ...
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fairy garden

Make Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are lovely miniature gardens that are delightful to look at. They can captivate the imagination of young and ...
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gift basket items

How to Create a Care Package

Creating a care package for an older friend or family member is a great way to stay connected. It can ...
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Daisies in vases

Making Everyday Tasks an Activity

Does your older loved one enjoy helping out? There are so many tasks to help an elder stay involved. You ...
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photo albums

15 Things to Bring When Visiting

Whether you are visiting a loved one in their own home or a nursing home, here are 15 things you ...
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Journaling to Remember

When my grandmother was alive and living in a nursing home someone in my large extended family had the bright ...
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