Reminiscing about Thanksgiving


Remembering Thanksgiving Holidays of the past.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember many traditions of the past. This is a great time for the whole family to reminisce, especially with an older family member or friend. Here are some topics of discussions:

Thanksgiving as a child

  • Where did you go for Thanksgiving as a child? As a young adult?
  • If you traveled did you have to travel a long way? Did you stay overnight there?
  • Who would always come for dinner?
  • Who was your favorite cook?
  • Where did the turkey come from? OR did you serve another kind of meat?
  • Were there any unusual foods served?
  • What was your favorite dish?
  • What were desserts like? Which was your favorite?
  • Were the good dishes and silverware used? What were they like?
  • Did you or anyone you knew wear an apron? What did it look like?
  • Was there a special dish your family made that everyone loved?
  • Did you have any Thanksgiving traditions prior to or during the meal such as a special prayer, talking about things you were thankful for, etc…?
  • Were you or anyone you knew in the military or away at war during Thanksgiving?
  • What were the activities before the meal? After the meal?
  • Did you ever have a Thanksgiving when the weather hindered you or others from traveling to your destination?

Thanksgiving as an adult

  • Who hosted Thanksgiving when you got older? Was it you or another family member or friend?
  • If you had to travel how far? Did the whole family go?
  • Did you ever cook the meal? What kinds of dishes did you cook?
  • Was there one dish that everyone always looked forward to?
  • Did everyone bring a dish? Did you enjoy what others brought?
  • What did you serve for desserts?
  • Did you use the good dishes? What were the good dishes like?
  • Did you have any Thanksgiving traditions?
  • Did anyone in the family enjoy watching football on Thanksgiving?
  • Did you ever have an unusual Thanksgiving where you might have been on vacation, been in another part of the world where Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated, or some other situation?
  • Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving?
  • What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  • If you cooked the meal this Thanksgiving what would you cook? Or what would you have someone else cook for you?

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