Game Apps for Long Distance Play

Todays technology makes it possible to play games with someone across the miles.

For older family members or friends who are technology savvy, here are some fun apps for smart phones and tablets.

  1. Word Feud-A game building words off of your opponents words. It is free, but does come with advertisements. There is a paid version without advertisements.
  2. Hanging with Friends-Like the game Hangman. Free version with advertisements. Paid version with no ads.
  3. What’s The Phrase?-Comparable to Wheel of Fortune. There is a free version.
  4. Scramble-Free and paid version games. Connect letters to make words in a word find. A timed game.
  5. Draw-Free and paid versions. Draw a picture using a stylus and let your opponent guess what it is.
  6. Trivia Crack-Answer trivia questions. When an answer is missed it gets passed to your opponent, and vice versa. The first person to answer all categories correctly wins.

Tips for Playing with an Older Friend/Family Member:

  • Start playing one game, then add more later if you wish.
  • My children showed ME how to play these games. Kids LOVE electronic games! My daughter downloaded the game for me and showed me how to play. So get the kids involved by having them show you and/or an older family member or friend how to download, play, and then have them play a game. My children and I continuously play Word Feud. When one game ends, we start another.

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