5 Minute Reminiscing with a Senior

Reminiscing is an anytime, anywhere, with anyone activity.

It doesn’t take long to bring forth a memory—an aroma, a touch, a taste, can do it. It’s the simple things in our everyday life that help us to remember. It doesn’t take long to stir up a memory. However, sometimes we might need to “gently” remember things for or with our loved one.

antique irons

Consider these times as story springboards for reminiscing with your older family member:

  • when looking at pictures or family photographs
  • when cooking together in the kitchen
  • when sitting or walking outdoors
  • when holding hands
  • when watching an old TV show
  • when listening to favorite music
  • when people watching
  • when watching children
  • when eating together
  • when looking at a magazine
  • when taking a car ride around your loved one’s old neighborhood
  • when having a sweet treat together
  • during family get-togethers
  • when having a cup of tea together
  • when you turn something they owned into something new
  • after you read them a short story
  • after you read a letter or card from a relative
  • when you paint or trim their nails
  • when you are looking through a memory box you made them
  • when you are playing a game with them
  • when you look at a cookbook or old family recipes
  • when you make a meal that they haven’t tasted in a long time
  • when smelling the aroma of something baking in the kitchen
  • when gardening
  • when looking at antiques

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