Making Scenic Scrapbooks From Old Calendars

Scrapbooks are fun to look at and can be made not only from family photographs, but also old scenic calendars.

This is a great way to recycle old calendars and continue to enjoy many beautiful scenes.

Binder of old calendar pages

Materials and Supplies Needed:

  • 8″ X 11″  sized 3 ring binder or scrapbook
  • Scenic calendars from years past (or other calendars)
  • Clear plastic sheet protectors with 3 ring holes
  • Scissors


  1. Search through old calendars for scenic pictures or other calendars you have enjoyed throughout the year. Choose those an older family member or friend might be interested in.
  2. Cut the page from its binding leaving the page intact. Trim any bad edges or edges with holes.
  3. Slip the pictures into the clear plastic sheet protectors.
  4. Arrange the pictures into the scrapbook or binder slipping the sheet protectors into the 3 rings, then close.
  5. Enjoy the scrapbooks with your older family member or friend. Talk about the pictures and reminisce when you can.

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