Activities with I Spy Books

Magnifying glass

I Spy books photographed by Walter Wick with riddles by Jean Marzollo (published by Cartwheel Books® a division of Scholastic Inc.) have been some of the greatest books in my families reading adventures. We have spent countless hours pouring over each of the three I Spy books that we own, solving the riddles and finding objects that sometimes I thought we would never find.

I Spy books are not only for children, but for families as well.

Here are three ways you can use them with an older family member or friend.

  1. Sit down with a young family member and together solve the riddles and find the hidden (really not hidden, but in plain sight) objects.
  2. Look at the objects on each double-page spread and identify the different objects that make up each picture. There are so many interesting objects to look at. Point out the differences, colors, etc… in each one. At the same time, reminisce about the objects that might be old in the pictures. Many look to be antique items that an older person may remember and have a story to tell about it.
  3. Looking at seasonal books helps to connect an older person with dementia to the time of year. Some of the I Spy books are seasonal such as Halloween and Christmas and can lead to a discussion about those times of the year.

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