5 Ways of Giving Thanks

We all have a need to give thanks.

Plate of cookies

Here are 5 ways to help an older family member or friend to give thanks.

  1. Assist your friend or family member in writing thank you notes. The thank you notes can be to caregivers, friends, family members, neighbors, medical personnel, etc…  Think about people and the ways they have helped out, then express gratitude in a written note. Thank you notes can be given anytime or can be given to family and friends on Thanksgiving Day.
  2. If your older family member or friend is religious or spiritual you may help him give thanks through prayers of thanksgiving.
  3. Thank a charity of choice by donating needed items. With your loved one, deliver the donations.
  4. With the entire family participating on Thanksgiving Day, make a collage of thanks. Hang a poster board on a wall or place it on a table and encourage all guests to write down what they are thankful for. Have stickers, crayons, colored pencils, or embellishments on hand to add to the poster. When everyone is finished have a child read and show the guests what was added. Assist your loved one in participating, if needed.
  5. Do something for others as a way to give thanks. Some examples are giving a small gift, baking some cookies for someone, saying a prayer for someone, writing a note, making a craft, or helping with a much needed chore.

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