Gift Guide

Puppy Wearing Bow

Here are some thoughts on gifts for an older family member or friend. Of course, take into account their interests and likes:

  • Clothes-consider clothes that are easy to put on, such as shirts or blouses that open to the front. If you are considering shoes and slippers look for ones that are not slick on the bottom
  • Accessories-purses, hats for women, scarves, gloves, jewelry, hats for men with logos (I bought one for my father that has World War II veteran on it), wallet
  • License plate for their car that is specialized such as “Veteran”
  • Gift cards to favorite stores, restaurants, or coffee shops
  • Letter writing materials boxed together like stationery, pens, stamps, envelopes, or postcards
  • Photo albums that reflect current pictures. Old albums and pictures can be organized into newer albums with acid free materials
  • Tech-no gifts such as computers, phones, tablets, book readers, etc…
  • Flowers handpicked from your yard or store-bought
  • Craft or hobby items for those who have a passion for a certain craft or hobby
  • Coupons-Make your own coupons for a restaurant visit, store visit, museum visit, etc… that you can do together.
  • Maid service or lawn service
  • Food-Consider already cooked frozen or fresh meals, home baked goods, snacks, chocolate, or other favorite candy
  • Spa materials like nail polish, nail files, plush towels, lotions, makeup
  • Favorite books or subscription for a favorite magazine or newspaper
  • Does your loved one have a collection of something? Can you add to it?
  • Movies
  • Favorite music, musical instrument, or music lessons for an instrument they might like to learn
  • Religious gifts
  • Fairy garden materials-See Make Your Own Fairy Garden
  • Sporting equipment
  • The gift of a pet (if appropriate for your loved one) or the gift of bringing a pet to visit regularly.
  • Shadow Box commemorating a person, event, trip, or time-See Reminiscing with Shadow Boxes
  • Also see How to Create a Care Package
  • For children’s handmade gifts see Kids Gifts For Grandparents
  • Make a wrist corsage for a special occasion