Honoring Veterans

army discharge paper

November 11th is Veteran’s Day. Here are some ideas to honor the veteran in your life.

Reminisce with a veteran

If he or she is up to talking about their service here are some simple questions to ask.

  • What branch of the military were you in? What were the dates of your service?
  • Did you enlist or were you drafted? Where did you do your basic training? Where did you get transferred to from there?
  • Did you serve during wartime? Which war? What countries did you travel to? How did you travel?
  • Tell me about the friends you made? Who were they? What did you do together off-duty? What did they mean to you?

Display photos

Display photos of someone in uniform in your home to remember that period in their life.

Military scrapbook

Does your loved one have a military scrapbook? My father had so many pictures from his service in World War II that I placed them in a scrapbook with captions and his story. Many visitors to their home look at the scrapbook and ask him questions about his service.

Celebrate a veteran with a meal

Many restaurants celebrate veterans today with free or discounted meals. Or cook up a loved ones favorite meal at home.

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