Caregivers Activity Source was created to assist at-home caregivers and/or family members with ideas in providing activity and leisure opportunities for older family members or friends. Since the functional aspect of an older person is so diverse, you must choose the activity that is right for them. Our purpose is:

  • To share the idea that activities, hobbies, and recreational pursuits are meaningful, purposeful, and can improve quality of life.
  • To provide caregivers with activity ideas with tips for adaptations.
  • To review leisure resources and highlight current activity trends and people.
  • To connect caregivers with one another.
  • To help caregivers create opportunities for an older person to develop deeper personal relationships and enjoyment of everyday living.
  • To gather information in order to give the caregiver ideas, information, and choices.

Caregivers Activity Source Blogger


Rosann Moore is a member of the baby-boomer generation who believes that you are never too old to play. Her playtime includes hiking, gardening, sewing, horseback riding, spending time in the mountains and spending time with her family. Her parents, whom she adores, are 96 and 85 years old.

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Rosann Moore is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and has worked and consulted in long-term care for more than 25 years. She is also a contributing editor for Creative Forecasting®, a magazine for Activity & Recreation Professionals.


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