Family I Spy With Grandma & Grandpa

The next time the kids are at Grandma and Grandpa’s house…

consider this fun game. It requires no materials or supplies, just a pair of eyes and a love for solving mysteries. All family members can play, including older family members!

spy glasses with bugs

The game starts out by someone picking an item in the room that he spies. He gives a detail about this item to the rest of the group by saying, for example, “I spy something with two hands”.
Next everyone tries to guess what it might be until someone guesses the right answer. In this case the group might guess Grandma or Mary or George. But the answer could also be a clock.

After someone guesses the right answer another person spies something and everyone else in the group has to guess what it is.

Here are some other examples of I spy:

I spy something in the shape of a heart. (This could be a leaf from a philodendron plant)

I spy something yellow and green. (This could be the colors in a pillow)

I spy something old and black and white (This could be a black-and-white photograph from long-ago)

This game can be played anywhere, anytime!


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