Make a Snow Globe that Tells a Story

Snow globes are a miniature winter wonderland.

They can be great fun to make with the grandkids and the best part about the instructions below is that there is no water involved! The other wonderful thing about homemade snow globes are that no two are alike.

snow globes

Here are the instructions for a homemade snow globe

Materials and Supplies Needed:

  • Jar of your choosing (glass jars are available from the craft or discount store, but you can use jars you have at home. I used an old candle jar and a Christmas Tree jar we already had. Jars with wider mouths or those with no lid are easiest to place figures in.)
  • Miniature figures and materials of your choosing to place in your jar. (These can be Santa, snowmen, trees, buttons, ribbon, thread, houses, animals, etc…)
  • Artificial snow flakes or sparkle flakes
  • Funnel (optional)
  • Two sided tape
  • Glue (optional)


  1. First make sure your jar is clean and any stickers that are on it are taken off.
  2. Choose your figures and arrange them on a table top first. This will become a winter scene inside your jar later. You may wish to choose figures that will tell a story about a Christmas long ago and can lead to reminiscing.
  3. Cut small pieces of two-sided tape and tape them to the bottom of the jar, where your small figures will set. This helps the figures to stay in place.
  4. I used only the two-sided tape to get my figures to stay in place. You may wish to make a small dot of glue on top of the two-sided tape if you think the jar will be moved around quite a bit. Next place your figures inside the jar as you wish on the tape or glue. Let dry if needed. Make sure your figures stay in place especially if children are helping to make the snow globes.
  5. Pour a small amount of artificial snow flakes around your scene. You may wish to use a funnel as this can get messy.
  6. Replace the lid on your jar if it has one and set in a window where the light reflects on the artificial snow.

Optional: Snow Globe Stories

  • Tell a snow globe story with your snow globe. You may wish to reminisce while you are telling your story. For example, in the snow globe above with the Christmas Tree and star tells the story of how my family always decorated a tree with a star at the top when I was younger. The gold thread on the tree tells the story of gold ribbon wound around the tree when I was older. The snow reminds me of the blizzard of Christmas 1982 when my family was stranded at home.

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