Spring Posy

Nothing brightens up a day like flowers…

so why not brighten up a loved ones day with a small posy. They are simple to make and little to no cost depending on the materials you have in your home.

small posy with yellow and white flowers

How to make a Spring Posy:

Materials and Supplies Needed:

  • Flowers-these can be real or fake, whatever is available. If you want your posy to last longer than a few hours or a day, you might consider fake flowers. However, some real flowers dry very nicely and will still be lovely long after it is given. I used fake flowers in mine, purchasing small flower picks at the craft store.
  • Small amount of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Arrange flowers into a tiny bouquet.
  2. Take the ribbon and start winding it around the top of the stems about an 1″ to 1″½. You can tuck the ends of the ribbon under each end of the ribbon or use a dot of glue to hold it in place.
  3. Cut off any stems below the wrapped portion.
  4. I tied another small paper ribbon into a bow around the wrapped stems for additional embellishment, but this is optional.

Things to do with a Spring Posy:

  • Give it to a family member you are caring for.
  • The posy can be worn on a lapel for any occasion, or for any day in spring. No need for special occasions!
  • Place it on their place mat at meal times as a decoration.
  • Set it on a bedside table or end table where they generally sit in the living room.
  • Take it on your next nursing home visit and give it to a loved one that may live there.
  • Have a loved one help make the posy for others or for herself.
  • Take a walk with your loved one and pick some small flowers from the flower garden to use in the posy.
  • Make several posies with different kinds of flowers.

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