A Postcard Tradition


3 postcards

Remember postcards?

When I was young we sometimes used to receive them from vacationing family members. And sometimes, if I remembered to write down addresses, I would send them to a friend while I was on vacation.

But, does anyone remember to send them now?

I know a family who carries on a postcard tradition. The tradition I’m told started many years ago when Belle was living in a nursing home. Everyday Belle’s daughter would send off a post card to her and everyday Belle would read about her daughter’s life. She read the short notes about her work, her family, and life in general.

Now, after many years, Belle’s daughter, Anna is the one in a nursing home. Now she is the recipient of a daily postcard from her son who resides in a different state. Anna is thrilled to hear from her son each day and keeps up with her son’s busy life.

What a wonderful way to carry on a tradition!

And what a way to journal one’s life in postcards!

Postcards are fun for writing short notes and even more fun for an older person to receive! So next time you’re in a store don’t forget to look for the postcards. They are still around!

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