Reminiscing at a Party

Reminiscing at a party? Why not?

Having a get-together that includes an older family member? Maybe a birthday party, an anniversary, or other special occasion? Telling great stories of the guest of honor is a way of celebrating him and letting him know how many  memories he has made with you.

There is no greater feeling than knowing you have touched someone’s life and left the imprint of a beautiful memory.

If you do not have a guest of honor you can still reminisce with everyone telling a story.

heart shaped basket with reminiscing questions

Here are 4 ways to reminisce at a party:

  • Ask those in attendance to share, out loud, a great memory of the guest of honor.
  • Have a theme for your reminiscing party. If it is a wedding anniversary you are celebrating ask questions like  Where did you meet? Where was your first date? When did you first kiss? What was it like meeting the parents? How did you propose? Where were you married? Who stood up with you? etc… The host can write these questions beforehand or each guest can ask at random. Have someone ready to write down the answers to record anything you haven’t heard before.
  • If you are having a get-together with no celebration or guest of honor, ask your guests to write a reminiscing question on a slip of paper and place it in a basket or bowl. When everyone has arrived, have each guest draw out a question and answer it. Examples of questions might be Who is/was your favorite teacher? What do you know about the day you were born? Describe your childhood home. Describe your first car. Describe your best vacation ever. What is your favorite game? What is your favorite food? If you have an older loved one in the group they will enjoy telling their story as well as listening to others in the group. You never know where the conversation will take you.
  • One great reminiscing tool is to make a slide show of old photographs. I did this for my parents 60th wedding anniversary and we have viewed it many times since then. My family and my parents reminisce about many of the photographs, including when it was, who was there, what event it was, and many times laughing at hairstyles and clothes of the past. I can’t say enough about reminiscing with photos.

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