Celebrate Grandparents!

Gather the children and celebrate Grandparents in September on Grandparents Day or any time of the year!

grandparents and children's hands

  • Celebrate by eating a meal together. Whether you go out to a restaurant, have a picnic, or bring a meal over, eating together gets us talking, laughing, and catching up on the latest news. Don’t forget dessert!
  • Play a game that the Grandparents might like to play. Learn to play some of the old games like chess, checkers, pinochle, bridge, cribbage, croquet, horseshoes, etc… that they might know.
  • Bring Grandma or Grandpa a handmade gift. Kids are great at making all sorts of things. See  Kids Gifts for Grandparents and Gifts of Art for Grandparents for ideas.
  • Dance, sing, bring your musical instruments, or bring favorite music of Grandparents.
  • Reminisce with a Grandparent about their childhood years, young adulthood, or any other special time in their life. Ask questions, look at old scrapbooks or other personal treasures from past times.
  • Take a drive and go for ice cream, a walk in the park, or around public gardens. Drive past previous places of residence (if it doesn’t bring about too much emotion), or old neighborhoods.
  • See a movie, visit a favorite store, or go to a farmers market.
  • Bring over a movie to watch together along with popcorn and/or candy. Ask which movie they might like to see. Consider ones that Grandparents haven’t seen in several years or one that is recently out on DVD.

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