Staying Active Together for Caregivers and Seniors

Staying active is important, but how do you stay active when you’re a caregiver?

Staying active together with a loved one you are caring for can be one solution. There are many activities that help us remain active. Many everyday activities get us moving! Some activities are more physically active than others.

Beans bags in a bucket

Here are 50 activity ideas for staying active together.

Many of the following activity ideas can be done with the family or grandchildren! (Choose those activities that are right for you and your loved one and consider physical activities that may need to have a doctors approval or consultation.)

Staying Active Together At Home

Play balloon volleyball ♥ Play animal or sports charades ♥ Do strength exercises with something as lightweight as a book or a can ♥ Play with the grandchildren ♥ Paint something ♥ Pretend to throw snowballs with white foam balls ♥ Dance to music ♥ Fold clothes or linens ♥ Clean out a drawer ♥ Water plants ♥ Watch a fitness show together ♥ Shoot baskets with a foam or other lightweight ball into a basket or can ♥ Play with the animals ♥ Do chair exercises ♥ Play catch with a foam ball ♥ Sweep, do dishes, or dust figurines to music ♥ Throw bean bags into a basket or can ♥ Make up a dance routine with the grandchildren ♥ Sand wood for a bird house or bird feeder ♥ Roll out pie crusts, then surprise someone with a pie ♥ Repot a plant

Staying Active Together Outdoors

Do gardening tasks like planting and watering ♥ Shoot balls into a make-shift basket on the ground ♥ Play catch ♥ Hit a t-ball ♥ Throw a Frisbee ♥ Help a child turn a jump rope ♥ Throw the object for hopscotch while a grandchild hops ♥ Have some beach ball fun ♥ Have a water balloon toss ♥ Play horse shoes with lighter weight horseshoes if needed ♥ Have a squirt gun fight ♥ Walk around the yard and look at plants and changes in nature ♥ Help build a  miniature snowman in winter ♥ Have someone bring you a bucket of snow to make snowballs, then have a snowball toss or watch the kids have a snowball fight ♥ Fill the bird feeder ♥ Play fetch with the dog

Staying Active Together In the Community

Water walking at the recreation center ♥ Take walks after meals ♥ Sweep the kitchen or outdoor area ♥ Do yoga ♥ Walk through a Botanic Garden, Park, Museum, or Zoo ♥ Take a nature hike ♥ Go fishing ♥ Walk the mall ♥ Have a picnic at the park ♥ Paint a landscape picture at a park or other outdoor area ♥ Make a regular date for going out to lunch and/or a walk ♥ Stop at a neighborhood garage sale ♥ Stop at one of those “scenic areas” near where you live that you usually pass by

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