15 Things to Bring When Visiting

Whether you are visiting a loved one in their own home or a nursing home, here are

15 things you won’t want to forget to bring with you.

photo albums

  1. Photos – Any new photos of yourself, school or sports photos of children, or photos taken recently of your older friend or family member. Also family photo albums for reminiscing.
  2. Electronic devices to help your loved one chat with a faraway relative. Use a phone, I-phone or I-pads for face chatting, or any other method you have to communicate.
  3. Books with short stories to read with them.
  4. Magazines such as Reminisce Magazine® offer a look at the past. Or print off reminiscing questions found on our Reminiscing page to take with you. There are many different themes available.
  5. Handmade or school-made item from a child.
  6. Music! Do you play violin, guitar, flute or other instrument? Spread some joy by playing something for your older friend or family member. It may be that they used to play and might like to try again. Also consider bringing in their favorite type of music to listen to. You can make a favorite song play list or bring in old time radio music, radio shows, or stories that are great fun!
  7. Capture special moments with a camera and share the pictures later.
  8. Games or puzzles an older person would enjoy playing.
  9. Letters, postcards, or greeting cards from a relative.
  10. The Grandchildren. Bring along an intergenerational activity to do as well.
  11. Letter writing materials – Bring stationery, envelopes, and stamps to help write a letter.
  12. A favorite snack. Here are some finger food ideas.
  13. A complete meal.
  14. A fun craft such as painting birdhouses or using stamps to make greeting cards. Check out more craft ideas here.
  15. Mini spa/grooming supplies – Bring along a nail file, nail polish, polish remover, tub for a foot bath, and lotion.

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