Planning a Thanksgiving Meal With an Older Family Member

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and plan your Thanksgiving meal with your older family member or friend.

Turkey plate

Here are some topics to discuss.

  • Decide what traditional recipes you will include. Which are favorites? Where did the recipes come from? Who made them? Look through family cookbooks to search for recipes.
  • Decide what new recipes you might try. Look through magazines and cookbooks, or borrow recipes from others that might sound good.
  • Create a shopping list of what you’ll need and where you’ll need to go.
  • Make an invitation list of who you will invite. Give them a call or send an invitation.
  • Do you want to include table decorations this year? Will you buy or make them? Can children help you to make them?
  • What dishes can you prepare in the days prior to Thanksgiving Day? Schedule what dishes and when you can prepare them. Involve your older family member or friend in the preparations.
  • Reminisce whenever possible about Thanksgivings past, the food, family, friends, dishes, places, weather, years, travel, and anything else you and your loved one can remember.

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