Reminiscing About Farming and Country Ways of Life

Feeding Chickens

Feeding scratch to the chickens

If your loved one has ever been touched by or interested in farming, gardening, or country ways of life, here are a few questions to spark some memories.

Add any other questions you may have along the way.

  • Did you ever live on a farm, visit a farm, or want to live on a farm?
  • If visiting, who’s farm was it? How long did you stay?
  • What was the function of the farm? Did they raise corn, wheat, etc…? Did they raise cows, pigs, chickens? Was it multi-functional?
  • What did you do there? Did you help out with any chores? Were the chores hard? Were the chores enjoyable? Did you learn anything new?
  • Did you do anything fun like ride horses? Did you or your family ever own a horse?
  • Did you enjoy any fresh food from the farm such as fresh eggs, milk, vegetables, or fruits? Did it taste different than store bought?
  • Did you take any food to farmer’s markets or ever buy from a farmer’s market?
  • Did you ever make any dishes or do any canning from farm fresh food?
  • What was leisure time like? Was there a front porch to sit on and visit with others? Who did you visit with?
  • What were meal times like? Was the big meal served at noon rather than in the late afternoon or evening? Who came to meals? What kind of food did you eat? Who cooked it? Who helped clean up? Was there always dessert? What was usually for dessert?
  • Did you ever attend in country community events such as county fairs, rodeos, or dances? Who was there? Did you enjoy it? Who did you attend with? Did you ever enter any contests?
  • Did you enjoy country ways of life? Do you think it was a simpler time?


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