Reminisce About Christmas

Christmas will soon be here!

The Christmas season is the perfect time to spend with an elder and ask questions, play games, and create an atmosphere for remembering past Christmases.

Christmas tree in the mountainsReminisce about Christmas through questions, games and activities with
Remembering Christmas

an e-booklet available in PDF format for printing

What’s inside Remembering Christmas?

49 reminiscing questions with space for answers to create a Christmas Journal
7 Christmas games to inspire reminiscing
a list of 25 activities and ways to reminisce during the season
plus 4 more creative activities

The stories I’ve heard from reminiscing about Christmas:

“I remember having to wait until 3:00 in the afternoon on Christmas day, after all of the Uncles arrived, to open gifts.”

“One Christmas, we returned home from morning mass, only to find our little dog had knocked over the Christmas tree.”

“I remember my momma ringing bells every year for the Salvation Army.”

“We didn’t have much, but all nine of us kids received one gift.”

“We used candles for lights on our tree, and we decorated the tree with popcorn and cranberries that we strung together. That’s all we had.”

“We made paper chains to decorate our tree.”

“We never did have stockings when I was young. Only when I was older did I make stockings to hang for the kids.”


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