Making Everyday Tasks an Activity

Does your older loved one enjoy helping out? There are so many tasks to help an elder stay involved. You may not consider this an activity, but even the everyday tasks can be meaningful and fun. Doing the small tasks with joy is the key.

Help an elder to stay involved in all aspects of life by involving them in everyday tasks.

Make it fun together by talking, singing, or listening to some favorite music.

Daisies in vases

Here are some simple tasks around the home:

  • Folding laundry
  • Watering plants indoors and pots outdoors
  • Clipping coupons
  • Doing dishes or loading the dishwasher
  • Planning meals
  • Making out grocery lists
  • Helping to make meals or baking
  • Brushing the dog or cat
  • Feeding a house pet such as a dog, cat, or fish
  • Sorting items like papers, craft materials, photos, or magazines
  • Cleaning out a drawer
  • Sitting down and dusting knick-knacks.
  • Mending clothes
  • Arranging fresh flowers in a vase
  • Cleaning out a purse, wallet, or bag
  • Filling up outdoor bird feeders with bird seed
  • Changing seasonal decorations
  • Simple gardening tasks like deadheading flowers
  • Filling out greeting cards or writing letters

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