Music Activities


Music has an energy…

that transforms our spirit. It can transport us to another time and place and make us move like nobody’s business. Music can create unexpected emotions and allows us to express ourselves in many ways.

I have seen the many benefits of music over the years in my experiences in long-term care. I once knew a feisty lady, that when listening to Nat King Cole would simply melt. The look on her face would become softened with a smile, and her body relaxed. She asked to listen to him all the time. I worked with stroke patients whose language was impaired, but could sing without struggle very beautifully. In another home, family members (who were musicians) of an older woman would bring their musical instruments and would have a jam session  right there in her room. It was crowded, loud, and it was magical!

Music is emotional.

Music can put us in a mood. While upbeat music can make us dance, soft music may put us in a relaxed state. Music can help to decrease anxiety levels and may help to alleviate depression. The memories connected to songs can make us emotional.

Music stirs our memories and connects us.

How many times have you reminisced while hearing a song? The song to the first dance at your wedding, a concert you attended with a friend, or a song your grandmother sang? Music connects generations. Music stimulates cognitive functioning, as well, when we remember the words to the songs we sung long ago.

Music gets us moving.

Many upbeat songs can get us moving. Our whole bodies can get into the groove and make us active. Arms, legs, head, hips, feet, and hands have a way of coming to life with music.

Music is expressive…

when someone sings, plays an instrument, and dances. It is artistic in all forms.

Music is social.

Though at times we listen to music alone, listening with others can increase social interaction, enrich relationships with friends and family, and decrease the isolation that may come with aging.

Music is powerful.

Check out the musical activities listed below. Look for more posts to come.

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