Summer Reminiscing

Pour some lemonade, sit on the porch and reminisce with your older friend or family member about summers past.

yellow columbine flowers


  • What were your favorite summer activities as a child? As an adult?
  • Who did you do those activities with?
  • Where did the best swimming, fishing, or picnics, take place?

Where You Lived

  • What was there to do during the summer where you lived as a child? Did you have fun? Did you ever get bored?
  • Who did you spend your days with? Were you able to see your friends often?
  • What was the weather like? Was it hot? How hot? What did you do to keep cool?


  • Did you go on vacations growing up? Where did you go? Who did you go with? Was it fun?
  • Did you ever go to visit relatives during the summer? Did you enjoy visiting these relatives?
  • Did you ever go on a big adventure such as visit a National Park, visit a different country, go to museums, zoos, or carnivals?

Gardens and Farms

  • Did you ever grow a summer garden? What did you grow?
  • What was your favorite thing to plant? Have you ever eaten anything straight out of the garden?
  • Did you ever visit a farm? Did you like it? Could you or did you ever live on a farm?

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Other Summer Reminiscing Activities

The activities listed here are a way to enhance reminiscing with an elder or group of elders.

  • Color summer scenes with markers or colored pencils. Reminisce about each picture.
  • See the post Remember When? Summer for even more Summer reminiscing.

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