Just a Visit, But So Much More

Roses in bloom

The other day I traveled to my parents house which is about a 50 minute drive on a good traffic day. I hadn’t been to their place for a couple of weeks because of a vacation.

When I arrived my mom was in the house to greet me, but my dad was sitting on the back porch enjoying the mountains in the background, the open field behind their house, and the cars passing by. It was a beautiful summer day.

I know I should have vacuumed, or dusted, or cleaned windows, but I didn’t. I told my parents all about my trip and caught up on all the recent family news. They told me about their visit with family that stayed with them the week before. We sat on the back porch and simply visited.

At lunch we visited more and I asked questions about my parents grandparents that I had been wanting to know more about. We talked about plans to visit the town where they grew up and then more on catching up on family news. Then more sitting on the back porch for a little reminiscing.

I didn’t help with anything that day. I didn’t pull weeds, cut down tree limbs, or mow the lawn. Yes, those things were there to be done, but it wasn’t important in that moment. What was important was just enjoying each other’s company. I got caught up in the moment and experienced great joy just being in their presence. I guess you could say I stopped and smelled the roses.

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