Backyard Games to Play with an Older Family Member

Backyard games collage

Find the letters P L A Y in the pictures. Play this game with kids.

Plan to Play Backyard Games!

Here are 10 backyard games to play with an older family member:

  • Cornhole – Is a game played by throwing corn bags (like bean bags) into a cornhole platform or cornholes. Check out this website on how to play the game: This is a game the whole family can participate in.
  • T-Ball – Play this game by setting up your t-ball stand. Grandpa can hit and if he needs a runner to the base, a grandchild can run in his place.
  • Horse Shoes – There are different horse shoe sets to choose from. There are the regular heavier sets or there are lighter weights sets which are easier to throw.
  • Piñata – All family members can take a whack at the piñata to reveal the prizes inside.
  • Kiddie pool – Cool off feet in a child’s pool and kick a beach ball around to each other. Or just watch the kids splash around.
  • Golf putting – Set up your own miniature golf green and putt some balls into plastic cups laying in the grass.
  • Balloon badminton – Using badminton rackets and a balloon, bat the balloon back and forth over a net or just around a circle.
  • Alphabet nature hunt – Hunt for the alphabet with an older family member. Find the ABC’s in natural elements or other things you have in your own backyard. Get creative! See the pictures above to find the letters P L A Y.
  • Have some fun with water soakers – Using your favorite water soaker squirt each other on a hot spring or summer day.
  • Water balloon toss – Fill water balloons and toss them to each other. See how many times you can toss back and forth without one breaking.

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