Simple Homemade Crafts for Gifts or Bazaars

 gift boxes with plants

Some seniors, like my mom, love making things for others.

She loves to give her homemade items as gifts for any occasion, but especially Christmas. There are others who love to make things and donate them to sell at a church bazaar or other fundraiser.

People, like myself, love homemade items! I love to receive them as gifts and I love to buy them. For the crafter making things can be very rewarding. That is why I thought I would put together a list of simple homemade items for older loved ones to make. Not all crafts are for everyone, so choose the one that might interest your family member. Make any adaptations as necessary. Do some crafts together if you wish. These items can be given as gifts, given to sell at church bazaars, or donated to a loved one’s nursing home to sell at their fundraiser. I’ll start off with a list of simple crafts I’ve already posted and add to this list as the weeks go by so you and your loved one can get crafting for the holidays or anytime of the year!

Here are some ideas for simple homemade crafts for gift giving and donations to bazaars.

Nature Painting – Paint some simple small flowers, fish, trees, or mountain scene.

Hand-sewn cloth napkins – Cloth napkins are so easy to make. Just a few materials and supplies is all it takes to sew some pretty things for a table.

Hand and Lap Heating Bags – These are not only sensory materials, but also make great gifts. My family uses theirs all the time, especially when we’re cold or have an ache. Machine sewing is involved with this craft.

Stamp Your Own Wrapping Paper – Wrapping paper can be made for any occasion with paper and stamps!

Painting Birdhouses – Unpainted wooden birdhouses can be painted into whatever you imagine.

Fabric Yo-yo Pins – Make these fabric yo-yo brooches that anyone would love to wear.

Coloring Pictures – Colored pages from coloring books can be framed, made into book marks, or made into sun catchers. Use seasonal coloring books or other books of choice.

No Sew Throws – Throws made from tying fleece together.

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