Jigsaw Puzzle Pastime

Jigsaw puzzles have been enjoyed by people for many years.

Putting a jigsaw puzzle together is a wonderful family pastime and one that, in todays fast-paced world, is sometimes overlooked.

jigsaw puzzle

Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is intellectually stimulating and is non-competitive. It can be a one person or more endeavor. Sizes, puzzle piece amounts, and scenes on the front vary as does level of ability. Choose the one that is appropriate for your older family member or friend or the entire family.

Here are some tips for putting together a jigsaw puzzle together with an older family member:

  • Get the whole family involved!
  • If you have a card table or table you are not using on a daily basis, this is a great place to set up a puzzle. The puzzle may be worked on at different times during the day or over the course of several days.
  • Encourage your older family member or friend to work on it as often as he’d like-there’s no rush with this activity.

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