How to Make a Memory Box

Surround yourself with objects you love: pictures, photographs, knickknacks that you’ve kept for years, home-made gifts given to you by children. They are outward signs of a well-lived life, and will cheer you in times of trouble.                                                                                                     From the book 1001 Ways to Confidence, published by Metro Books, New York

memory box

Memory Boxes are wonderful little spaces to store keepsakes that help us to remember people, events, and special places and times…

A necklace from a first boyfriend, a love letter, dried flowers from a corsage, a lock of hair from childhood, a postcard from a friend, a seashell found on a trip. Things that have meaning can be stored in a memory box.

  • What do you want to help your older family member or friend to remember? What will bring back good memories? What items can you reminisce with? These are the mementos you want to gather together. Keepsakes can be theme related, or random.
  • Next, purchase a nice box that will hold the mementos you’ve gathered, and put them in.
  • Reminisce with each item when you visit. Talk about what the keepsakes mean, where they came from, who your family member or friend was with, or how it came to belong to him or her.
  • Keep the box on a coffee table, side table, or other area where it may be seen and opened regularly.

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