Kids Gifts for Grandparents

Children love making things. Here are some crafty and homemade gifts kids can give to Grandparents.

Picture collage: garden stone, origami bird, pot holders


  • Make homemade picture frames from popsicle sticks glued together or sturdy cardboard with the middle cut out. Paint the frames, let dry and insert a picture. Glue a magnet to the back to hang on a refrigerator or simply lean it against a wall.
  • Make stepping stones for the garden using a kit from a craft or hobby store. The stepping or garden stone can include handprints, names, sayings, or just decorate with objects. See kits for more information. Place in a garden or flower bed.
  • Pick fresh flowers from your yard (or buy a bouquet). Place in a vase found at a second hand store. Place a ribbon around the top, tie a bow, and add a card. You have a beautiful gift!
  • Fill pretty little jars with favorite candies or dried fruit.
  • Stamp pre-cut blank cards with stamps and stamp pads. Add sayings like Thank You, Get Well, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, or any other greeting. Add stamps with pictures if you wish. Tie a bundle together with ribbon, along with envelopes, and give as a gift. An older family member or friend can send these greeting cards to others.
  • Paint sun catchers to place in a window. Hang with a ribbon.
  • Paint a bird feeder or bird house to place outside.
  • Create figures with origami using colorful paper.
  • Create small coasters or pot holders using a weaving loom kit found at a hobby or craft store.
  • Visit a ceramic shop where you can pick out and paint a ceramic item. (Some cities have arts or ceramics shops like this.) Pick out something a Grandparent would like or use. These shops usually provide the space, paint, and will fire the ceramic piece for a cost. Check out ceramics shops in your area to see what they might provide. It can be costly, but fun!
  • Make a silhouette portrait and frame it as a gift.
  • Make an easy no-sew throw.

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