Remember When? Summer Time

Bench surrounded by flowers

What do you remember about Summertime?

Remember when…

  • you went to the drive-in movie theater to see a movie? Is there a movie or movies that you remember seeing there?
  • you packed some sandwiches, cookies, and drinks and went on a picnic? Where did you go?
  • Momma hung clothes and linens on the line to dry them INSTEAD of using a dryer? Do you remember how good the clothes and sheets smelled during summer?
  • we had merry-go-rounds and see-saws on the playground? What other playground equipment was your favorite?
  • we hunted for night crawlers in the grass at night to go fishing the next day? Where did you fish?
  • we went on Sunday drives in the car after church? Where did you go?
  • we lied on the grass at night and gazed at all the stars in the sky?
  • we swam at the local pond instead of the pool? Where did you swim?
  • you sat in a #2 galvanized wash tub to cool off— the same #2 galvanized wash tub you took a bath in? Who in your family took a bath first? (The number 2 wash tub held 15 gallons.)
  • there were summer barn dances? Who did you go with? Who did you dance with?
  • you played outdoor games like kick the can, run sheep run, red rover, as well as hop scotch and hide and seek? What games did you play or create?
  • there were ALWAYS family reunions, because that’s just what we did back then, visited with each other every weekend. Who did you visit with? Who did you travel to see?
  • 4th of July celebrations were parades, bands, and contests? How did you celebrate Independence Day as a child?
  • you had to hoe and plant the garden, water the plants, pull the weeds, pick the fruits and vegetables, and then can it, freeze it, or dry it? What did you plant? How did you preserve it?
  • family and friends sat on the front porch swing and porch steps for hours? Who was sitting with you? Did you ever gather on Grandma’s and Grandpa’s front porch? Did you cool down with lemonade or another drink?

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