Remembering Winter

Here are some questions to help an older family member or friend remember winters past.



  • What were winters like when you were younger?
  • Where did you live? Was it a warm or cold climate?
  • Do you remember a particularly cold winter? How cold was it?
  • If in a cold climate did you sled, ice skate, ski, or do any other type of activity in the snow?
  • If in a warmer climate what did you do for fun outdoors?
  • Do you remember if the weather ever got severe, like a snowstorm or ice storm when your area in which you lived usually didn’t see that sort of weather?
  • Did you have to travel far to get to school? Did you have to walk in the snow?
  • Did you ever have snow days when school was closed?
  • Did winters seem like long, cold days and nights, or did you enjoy it?
  • How did you warm your home? Did you get cold? Did you have enough winter clothes and accessories?
  • What types of chores did you have to do outdoors despite the weather?
  • During severe weather when you were stranded indoors, what type of activities did you do?
  • Did you or do you now have a favorite winter-time food or beverage?
  • What is your favorite season?


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