Sensory-Simple Activities

Some older persons may have a need for simpler activities.

Some may need help staying connected to the world around them. A caregiver can help by keeping things simple and helping them increase awareness of their environment.

For persons needing simpler activities:

  • Break down the activity into simple steps.
  • For those with short attention spans, shorten the activity.
  • An older person may need to watch AND hear how to do something.
  • If something doesn’t work, try something else. Sometimes it’s trial and error.

For persons needing sensory or connecting to the world around them:

  • Point out things that might be of interest such as bright colors, objects, nature, people, or anything that’s in their immediate environment.
  • What in the environment can you taste, smell, hear, see, or feel? Are there cinnamon rolls baking that you can smell and taste? Is there a window to watch the neighborhood squirrels? Is there music playing on a CD player? What does the new plush throw blanket feel like? Point out the sensory all around.
  • Balance the sensory as needed. Too much stimulation can overload and frustrate someone.

Check below for simple and sensory activity ideas.

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Note with paperclip

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