Remember When? Autumn

two pumpkins in a chair

What do you remember about Autumn?

Remember when…

  • Autumn was a time to celebrate the harvesting of crops and produce in the garden? Did your community celebrate harvest time? How did you celebrate it? If you were a farmer or gardener, what bounty did you harvest?
  • girls were able to ask boys to the “Sadie Hawkins” dance in the fall? Who did you invite, or who invited you to the dance? What did you wear?
  • you had the chore of raking up the leaves, but the fun of jumping in the pile?
  • you couldn’t wait for football season? Which teams were your favorite? Which teams are your favorite today?
  • you voted in November for your favorite politicians? Who has been your favorite President or leader over the years?
  • Halloween was full of pranks like soaping windows and overturning outhouses as well as trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, and carving pumpkins? How did you celebrate Halloween?
  • instead of trick-or-treating, some communities celebrated by blocking off streets and had games, skating, races, and candy? How did your community celebrate?
  • when fall harvest brought foods like apples and apple pie, pumpkins and pumpkin pie, squash, and cranberries? What was/is your favorite fall food?
  • when hunting was a fall activity for many men and boys, and still is (women too)? If you hunted, what did you hunt for?
  • Thanksgiving Day was a day you traveled to Grandma’s house where the whole family gathered? How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Who was there? What dishes were served? What dishes were your favorite?

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Other Reminiscing Activities

  • Coloring is a relaxing activity that is not only meant for children, but for adults too! Coloring scenes from Autumn can enhance reminiscing with an elder.


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