Favorite Songs Playlist

Most of us have favorite songs we love to listen to.

An older family member or friend may enjoy certain songs as well. They may be songs that are current or songs he hasn’t heard in many years. Today’s technology makes it so easy to find and download songs.

Note with paperclip

Download a list of favorite songs for a loved one and add it to a playlist. Play the songs whenever he feels like listening to music. Each playlist can be grouped by artist, album, types of music, favorites, etc… Download it to any tech device that is convenient to use with your loved one. Ask a young person to help you-they tend to know all about it!

The price of songs will vary depending on what songs and how many you download.

Play the songs in the car, while cleaning or visiting, or whenever the moment feels right for music. Depending on the type of music, use it for relaxation or stimulation.

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