5 Ways to Reminisce with Mom

 Jewelry box

What sparks a memory?

It is different for all of us. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, the feel of something can all make us think of another time. Even a simple word can bring forth a memory. Sometimes searching for a memory is like a treasure hunt. It’s the journey that makes us laugh, cry, and turns up unexpected life stories.

Here are 5 ways to lead you on a path to reminiscing with Mom

  1. Photographs are some of the best treasures to reminisce with. Look for pictures of family, children, parents, and grandparents. Photo albums, videos (or reel to reels), yearbooks, or children’s school pictures, are all ways to lead mom to remember.
  2. Mom’s recipe box is like opening a gift on Christmas. Look through the recipe box with her and talk about the favorites, where each recipe came from, and times when she might have made it. Were there recipes she didn’t like, burnt, or changed? Making some of the recipes together will trigger the sense of sight, smell, and taste which can be powerful for recollection.
  3. When I was a kid I loved going through my mother’s jewelry box. Going through her jewelry box today with her is still something I love to do. She can tell me where she got most of her jewelry, who might have given her some, and what is most sentimental.
  4. Music can be a powerful tool for recollection of images, thoughts, and feelings. Play Mom’s favorite tunes while dancing and singing. Where has she heard it before? Was there a special time attached to the song such as a first dance? Who was she with? What does the song mean for her?
  5. Mom’s favorite things. Here I could list quilts, old linens, dishes, cards given to her, things she collects, homemade gifts given to her by her children, etc… What is your mother’s favorite things? Do you know? Ask if you don’t. You might be surprised what you might learn!

How do you reminisce with your mom, grandmother, or other special woman in your life? Do you have a special way of sparking her memory? Share in the comments below.

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