Reminisce with a Grandparent

Reminiscing with a Grandparent …

is a great big learning moment. Listening to memories makes us see the differences, but also how alike we really are.

Remember, when you are asking questions, to write down the answers in a journal. Or write them on a piece of paper now and transfer them to a journal later. Save this document for your own genealogy research.

journal, glasses, and photos


Questions for Reminiscing with a Grandparent

When and where were you born?

What were you like when you were my age?

What hobbies did you have when you were my age?

What were your friends like?

What kind of student were you?

Did you get good grades?

Did you have any favorite teachers?

Were you in any sports, clubs, or activities?

What was your house like?

Did you have any pets?

What was your favorite food?

What were some of the chores you had to do?

What advice would you give to kids today?

Do you have any pictures from your childhood that we can look at together?

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