Christmas Reminiscing

Christmas is a time for reminiscing.

During family get-togethers this year make time for reminiscing with an older family  member.

Christmas tree ornament

Remembering Childhood Christmases

What was Christmas like as a child?

What kinds of presents did you receive?

Did your family put up a tree? Was it real or artificial? How did you decorate it? What other decorations did you put up?

Did you attend church?

Did your family send out Christmas cards? Who did you receive cards from?

What was the family Christmas meal like?

Were there celebrations on Christmas Eve and Christmas? What did you do or where did you go?

Remembering Christmases as an Adult

How did you celebrate Christmas as an adult? With whom did you spend it?

Who made the Christmas meal? If you did, what dishes did you make? What was your favorite dish?

What were presents like as an adult? Do you have a favorite present you gave or one that you received?

Remembering Christmases as a parent

How did you celebrate Christmas with your children? Did you start any new traditions or  continue those you had as a child?

What kinds of presents did you give your children? Do you have a favorite Christmas gift that you gave them or one where their reaction was priceless? What kinds of gifts did they give you?

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