Creating an Easter Care Package

Easter gifts for a care package

Making an Easter Care Package

for an older family member is a fun family activity. If you have a loved one who is far away or even close by consider creating a care package of things they love.

Here are some items to add to an Easter care package.

  • Easter candy– Add full bags of candy or create small bags of various kinds with small party bags
  • Snacks they enjoy
  • Cookie mix you make from your favorite cookie recipe (place the dry ingredients in a jar or bag and send this along with the recipe. Include in the recipe that they will add the wet ingredients.)
  • New kitchen hand towel
  • Easter cookie cutters
  • Small plastic eggs filled with little surprises
  • Gardening items such as seeds, tools, garden gloves, small decorative accents, garden pots, etc…
  • Unpainted bird house with paints to paint it
  • Updated photos of the kids or a new photo album
  • Silly photos of the kids such as kids making funny faces, wearing silly hats, etc…
  • Homemade gifts like bookmarks, kids drawings, garden stones, a homemade Easter card, etc… See Kids gifts for grandparents for more ideas.
  • Easter is a religious holiday for many Christians. You may consider religious items in your care package
  • Books of interest
  • Activity books like Sudoku, mazes, or crossword puzzles
  • Magazines of interest
  • Outdoor wear like sunglasses, sunscreen, or a new hat
  • Scarf
  • See Creating a care package for more ideas of what to add


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