Spring Reminiscing



Reminisce about spring using the following questions as story starters with your older family member or friend.

  • What was spring like when you were a kid?
  • What was the weather like, was it still cold, snowy, rainy, or starting to warm up?
  • What were some activities you did in the springtime?
  • What were some of the chores you did in the springtime?
  • Was it hard to focus in school once the weather turned nice?
  • How did springtime make you feel?
  • Did you have spring break from school? What did you do or where did you go?
  • For gardeners: Did you plant anything in the spring? What did you plant? Were you excited that the weather finally turned warm enough to plant?
  • Is there a spring time that you remember in particular? What happened?
  • Did you ever fly a kite? Was it fun?
  • Was there any sport you participated in during the spring?
  • Were there any spring sports you enjoyed watching? Do you enjoy any spring sports now?

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