How to Make Snowballs and Oddballs

Want to bring Winter inside? Need a fun homemade exercise gadget?

If you have old socks, then you can make some snowballs and odd balls!

These balls are called oddballs because they are odd. They are not perfectly round like balls, and they can’t bounce, but you can throw them around. It will get your loved one moving while having a little fun.

Homemade snowballs and oddballs

Here are the materials and supplies needed for making snowballs and oddballs:

  • Old socks-preferably thicker ones (Use white socks if you want to make snowballs)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Stuffing

Here’s how to make them:

  1. Cut old socks. I used the toe/foot section of the sock and cut it just before the hole I had in the heel. You may also use the calf section. Use whatever part of the sock is useful. You decide on the size.
  2. If you use the foot part of the sock, you will only need to sew one side because the toe section is already enclosed. If you use another part of the sock, like the calf section, you will need to first sew one side up. You may tuck your seem in for sewing or keep the seem on the outside. I tucked mine inside.
  3. Stuff the sock with stuffing. Again, you decide how filled you would like it, just leave a little room to sew up the side.
  4. Sew the second side, and adjust your stuffing as needed.

Now you have an oddball!

If you make oddballs from white socks you can use them as snowballs for a snowball fight. If you make other colors you may use them to squeeze, throw, juggle, or just have fun with the grand kids.

Keep some oddballs in a “fun basket” for a little humor and fun!

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