Nature Sounds For Relaxation

Nature sounds have been around for quite some time.

They are used most often for relaxation or a distraction from our everyday life when we cannot travel to a beach, the mountains, or anywhere you find relaxing.

We can use nature sounds with an older family member or friend for relaxation. It may help to calm a tense moment or to divert attention. In nursing homes I have used these sounds for relaxation and reminiscing as well. Using sounds for reminiscence can take us back to the places we have visited, for example, the beach, the mountains, and other natural areas.

I do see nature sound CD’s available at some stores. Another way to obtain nature sounds is to download an app on your favorite tech device. Downloading on a phone, music device, or tablet allows for more versatility as to where you can listen.

Try a soothing sound either for a loved one or for yourself!

river and trees

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