Activity Aprons for Older Persons

What are Activity Aprons?

Activity aprons are bib-aprons or waist-tied aprons in which activities are sewn into them. Most activities involve the hand manipulating zippers, buttons, velcroed objects, ties, and pockets for storage. All activity aprons are different and may include other activities.

What is the purpose of an Activity Apron?

Activity aprons are designed for those persons with dementia. Sometimes called “fidget aprons” the activities are familiar everyday activities that we all do like buttoning, zipping, tying, or storing something of preference in a pocket. These activities exercise hands and minds and might be something a person with dementia would recognize. Activity aprons are also sensory in nature usually stimulating the sense of sight, sound, and touch.

Do Activity Aprons work?

Yes, they do work, but like any activity it might not work for everyone. Activities for those with dementia are trial and error, meaning sometimes activities work and sometimes they don’t. Or it might just depend on the day whether the activity works or not. Everyone is different and everyday is different. But if your older family member or friend enjoys having something in their hands and enjoys keeping busy it might be worth a try.

Where can I purchase an Activity Apron?

The best place to look for activity aprons are on the internet. If you or someone you know is a seamstress they can also be handmade. I have seen patterns at craft stores in their pattern catalogs. This way you may be able to tailor an apron to your loved ones specific needs. Another great place to look for adult activity aprons are on Pinterest.

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