A Girls Day Out

Sharing a special day with someone you love.

child painting grandma's toenails

My wonderful Dental Hygienist Marybeth, told me about a special outing she shares with her mother. When she visits her mother, who lives in a different state, they always share a girls day out.

They head to the salon to get their toenails painted.

Her mom has a little trouble remembering sometimes, so Marybeth says, after going for a pedicure “my mom can look down at her feet and remember the time we spent together”. Her mother is delighted at her painted toenails and reminds her of their special day. What a great memory!

Manicures and pedicures are great ways to spend time together, if your older family member or friend enjoys this, and there are usually many salons who offer these services.

If your loved one can’t do a girls day out, then create a girl’s day in by painting her toenails and fingernails at home. Get the grandchildren involved as we did with my mother in the picture. Grandchildren love to help!

( **Considerations: Be aware of any foot care beforehand, that may be needed by a medical professional.)


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