Simple Ways to Help an Elder Relax

We all have moments when stress gets the best of us. Knowing a few quick and simple activities to help an elder relax can be helpful in our everyday lives.coloring picture and colored pencil


 Take a walk-Take a walk away from a stressful environment. Go outdoors to a more peaceful place, get some sun, and discover the natural world around you. Or stay indoors and take a walk to another room.

Simple exercises, yoga, tai chi, or whatever physical exercise is enjoyable to your loved may help in reducing tension. Of course, check with his or her Doctor before starting any exercise program.

Say a prayer-Recite a familiar prayer together or pray a prayer from your heart.

Hold a hand-A gentle touch can often bring comfort. Holding hands brings warmth and a sense of security. Consider also massaging lotion into hands with a relaxing scent like lavender.

Breathe deep-Take some deep breaths to release tension.

Take part in a familiar hobby-Hobbies can be used as a means to communicate and express emotions. Painting a picture, planting flower pots, sewing, woodworking, are just a few examples of hobbies that may help someone relax.

Color-Today there are so many adult coloring books to choose from. This is a great form of relaxation for some people. You will need a coloring book and colored pencils, markers, or crayons, whatever your loved one’s preference. Just know that some of the more intricate drawings may get tedious for some, so you may want to start with some simpler drawings.

Sing a familiar song-Singing songs is one of my favorite ways to relax. It allows you to release tension by verbalizing and taking deep breaths. Pick songs that are fun and upbeat rather than songs that might bring back sad or negative emotions.

Reading together-Keep a book handy that you and a loved one can read together. Books with short stories, short chapters, or short uplifting stories may work well. Bible readings may work well with some folks.

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together-Pick a favorite drink and a favorite relaxing spot to drink it. Relax with conversation or enjoy a quiet moment together.

Enjoy a much-loved snack-We all have our favorite comfort foods that makes us feel better. Enjoy a snack in a comfortable or favorite spot.

Reduce noise-Either take away loud stimulating noises or escape to another environment where it is quiet. Play soft music if comforting.

Take time out for some pet love. Pets often times can help us to relax by petting them and watching them play. Take a dog for a walk, give him treats, or groom him are all other ways to provide the dog care and help relieve tension.

Take a drive-Drive to your loved ones favorite places. You don’t always have to get out of the car, but sometimes just a “Sunday Drive” is all that is needed to get our minds off our worries.

Go to the park and watch the children play.

Make a memory box or rummage kit that an elder can look through using the items to reminisce. Make sure to place items in that will comfort and relax.

For those who love to garden and dig in the dirt, there is nothing more relaxing that doing just that. Any task in the garden, from planting seeds, turning over dirt, filling a bird feeder, or pulling a weed or two is time well spent.

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