Facials-A Great Sensory Activity

Most of us don’t do facials often, but when we do it can be such a treat. Facials are a great sensory activity for older family members or friends.

Female loved ones may enjoy this activity, but don’t forget about male loved ones. They may enjoy it just as much.

For facials you will need a facial, usually available at your local store. Buy one that is safe to use. Be aware if your loved one is allergic to any chemicals on her skin. You may need to test product first. Consider also using a natural facial made from food items. You can usually find recipes for this on the internet. But again, be sure it will not interact with sensitive skin. Check out that your facial is safe to use first.

You will also need wash cloths, hand towel, and warm water.

Run a wash cloth through warm water and pat the face. If using a store facial, use it according to directions. Avoid the eye area, nostrils, and mouth area. Make sure that any part of the facial will not be ingested by your loved one if this is a concern.

After the facial wipe off with a warm wash cloth. You may need to soak your wash cloth a few times in order to wipe the facial off. Pat dry with a hand towel.

Check in with your loved one during the facial. Are they enjoying it? What does it feel like? Does it feel good? Is it warm? Does the warmth feel good? Have they ever had a facial before? What does it smell like? Would they enjoy it again sometime?

Consider that it may be overwhelming or over stimulating for some people. In this case avoid facials.


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