Summertime Sensory Activities

 Summer is an abundant season for our senses!

three vases of daises

A simple flower arrangement

Sensory activities help us to stay connected to the world around us.

Use these familiar activities as a reminder to be in the moment and enjoy summertime with an elder.

  • Feel the warmth of the sun through the window, on the porch, or on a walk. Talk about how it feels—hot, warm, or just right.
  • Make peppermint tea from a peppermint plant for a different kind of tea flavor.
  • Visit with a dog, cat, or other animal. Not only can you pet the animal, but talk about what he smells like, looks like, feels like, and what sounds he makes.
  • Play in a sand box with a child. Stick your feet in or scoop some up in your hand to build a castle.
  • Sit outdoors after a lawn has been freshly mowed. Take in the smell of cut grass.
  • Taste the fresh produce of a garden: make a salad with fresh greens; eat a freshly picked tomato sliced or eat it like an apple; place sliced tomatoes on a toasted cheese sandwich; pick berries and eat, etc…
  • Visit a stream, waterfall, fountain, or ocean and listen to the sound of the water.
  • If you have children around, have them collect natural things in the yard for everyone to touch and look at.
  • Arrange flowers in a vase either from store bought flowers or flowers you have cut from your own yard. Smell each flower, look at types of flowers and colors, and touch each one.
  • Have your loved one help to roll out pie crust for a berry pie or rhubarb pie.
  • Sand something outdoors that needs to be sanded like a bird house, wooden sign, etc…
  • On a hot day stick your feet into a pool or tub of cool water outdoors.
  • When it rains, listen. After it rains, go outside and take in the smell.
  • Take in all the sights and smells of the garden: flowers, trees, bushes, vegetables, fruits, bugs, etc…

*Use these activities as an opportunity to reminisce as well.

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