Decorating Nature’s Way for Autumn

Helping an older person to decorate their home with seasonal decorations helps to remind them of the season, especially those with decreased cognitive functioning.

bundle of wheat grass

Using natural materials from the outdoors helps an older loved one: to be physically active in the search by walking, using sensory by searching and gathering, and being creative with arranging materials.

  • Enjoy walks outdoors, weather permitting, in neighborhoods, parks, gardens, farmers markets, beach, or other favorite outdoor spots. Bring along a bag or basket for gathering materials.
  • Search for and gather materials from your walks such as pinecones, fallen leaves, grass, flowers, small rocks, sea shells, gourds, pumpkins, squash or whatever interesting and safe materials you find along your path. Think about how it might look in a small basket, how it might be a conversation piece, and/or how it might remind your older family member or friend about the current season.
  • Choose a container, such as a basket, vase, or bowl to arrange the materials in. Arrange them by helping your older family member or friend place in the container, one by one, talking about each item and where it was found.
  • Set out the basket and enjoy your findings. Talk about it often and remember the time spent together in gathering natures potpourri.

Tips: Invite a child on your walk and have him or her help to gather materials.

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