Hanging Up Memories

How do you display treasured heirlooms?

One way is to display heirlooms on a wall. Hanging up precious heirlooms gives us an opportunity to remember the person who gave them to us. Seeing, touching, and talking about heirlooms let’s us discover more about them and maybe even about ourselves.

display of heirlooms on a hangerIn this display I used a common wooden hanger to display some of my grandparents favorite pins, dress embellishments, and other vintage things.

Here’s how I put the display together.

Materials Needed:

  • Wooden hanger (you may have one in your closet or available new at a department store)
  • Paint (in the color of your choice) and paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • glue
  • Heirlooms you would like to display such as jewelry, handkerchiefs, doilies, photographs, etc…
  • Wall mounting tabs or strong two-way tape (to hold pins onto the wood)


  1. Paint the wooden hanger. Let dry.
  2. Wrap the wire part of the hanger with ribbon and secure with glue.
  3. Hang and display your heirlooms as you wish. Some heirlooms, like pins, may need to be secured with wall mounting tabs or strong two-way tape. Display as many heirlooms as you’d like to, filling in the hanger or leaving some space. (I probably would have filled in the spaces if I had more pins to display.) You may cut a piece of ribbon to tie some pins to the wooden dowel. Hang necklaces with chains from the dowel. Use your creativity to arrange it to your liking.
  4. Hang on the wall or hang from the ceiling as a mobile.

Considerations for use with an older family member:

  • Hang on a wall and create an activity space where you can stop and look at the items, touch them, and reminisce with them. Enjoy them each time you pass by.
  • Let it be a conversation piece with visitors.
  • A great way to get something out of the drawer or jewelry box, display it, and enjoy it daily!


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