Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

fairy garden and scarecrow

Bring the joy of a fairy garden indoors…

so your older family member or friend can enjoy it year round.

Follow these steps in creating a miniature indoor garden with your loved one.

  1. Go shopping with your loved one – Pick out a container such as a basket, box, pot, or other container that is conducive to holding plants and soil. Look also for small plants that won’t grow too large. One or two plants may be sufficient. Next, shop for a fairy and other miniature creatures and features you would like to see inhabit the garden. Lastly, purchase potting soil.
  2. Create your garden – Place the soil in the container and plant the plants you purchased. Water. Next arrange the fairy and all the other miniature elements around the plants.
  3. Enjoy the garden and water when needed.
  • Include children in helping when creating a fairy garden for a loved one, or make it a group project and have each person make one of their own.

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